Shade Benefits in Healthcare

Hospitals face problems based on an array of factors that many facilities do not encounter. As healthcare being their primary function, hospitals must pay exceptional attention to infectious disease control. In particular, the spread of MRSA and Staph Infection are of utmost urgency. Following this precaution is that of patient privacy. Doctors, nurses, and staff must act as their own security team in order to adhere to confidentiality laws and regulations. While hospitals’ primary function is healthcare, they are also a business. Hospitals are the second-most energy intensive buildings following restaurants. Thus, making energy conscious decisions is pertinent to their financial well-being. Hospital CEO’s must examine decisions made in all of these areas in order to run an efficient, law-abiding, and profitable facility.¬†Halcyon Shades offers solutions to these concerns.

Hospitals represent a true testament to the resolve Halcyon Shades can provide to any business or home.

  • Halcyon Shades can be easily sterilized with the simple use of Denatured Alcohol. Just like the swabs doctors rubbed on your arm as a child for shots, our shades can be cleaned just as quickly.
  • Halcyon Shades ensure patient privacy by blocking passerby’s view inside, while still ensuring an outside view for those inside.
  • With an 83% heat reduction and 99% UV block, Halcyon Shades provides buildings with energy efficiency. Hospital administrators can dramatically cut energy use caused by constant use of heating and cooling systems.
  • Hospitals concern with energy efficiency also ties to their need for sustainability in both their facility and their practices. Halcyon Shades fills both of these needs.
  • The United States prides itself in its healthcare system. Halcyon Shades compliments this patriotism as we are American made.

We understand the pertinence of solving healthcare facility problems. The use of Halcyon Shades in hospitals resolves issues from all facets of hospital CEO’s concerns as well as providing patients and staff with comfort and security.