Shade Benefits in Schools

The University of Maryland decided to utilize Halcyon Shades for the large windows in their Art Library. The south facing facade created problems with heat and glare from strong afternoon sun. In addition, the existing vertical blinds compromised the view of the campus and the architectural integrity of the building. The transparent and reflective properties of the new shades allowed staff and visitors to enjoy the campus view while protecting the valuable book collection from harmful UV rays. The performance tested shades added a uniform appearance to both the interior and exterior of the building, and created a more comfortable and energy efficient space.

Classroom Exterior

Classroom Exterior

Classroom Interior

Classroom Interior






Unfortunately, in today’s world, our children need to be protected in their schools. Like others across the country, St. Ambrose School in Missouri needed a solution to block the view from potential perpetrators at the exterior windows in their classrooms. They choose Halcyon Shades due to the unique reflective properties of the shade material. The shades provided the necessary daytime protection for their students while allowing teachers, administrators, and security guards with a clear view to outside. The shades also significantly reduced glare and solar heat gain in the classrooms which created a more comfortable environment for students and teachers.

Shade Benefits in Healthcare

Hospitals face problems based on an array of factors that many facilities do not encounter. As healthcare being their primary function, hospitals must pay exceptional attention to infectious disease control. In particular, the spread of MRSA and Staph Infection are of utmost urgency. Following this precaution is that of patient privacy. Doctors, nurses, and staff must act as their own security team in order to adhere to confidentiality laws and regulations. While hospitals’ primary function is healthcare, they are also a business. Hospitals are the second-most energy intensive buildings following restaurants. Thus, making energy conscious decisions is pertinent to their financial well-being. Hospital CEO’s must examine decisions made in all of these areas in order to run an efficient, law-abiding, and profitable facility. Halcyon Shades offers solutions to these concerns.

Hospitals represent a true testament to the resolve Halcyon Shades can provide to any business or home.

  • Halcyon Shades can be easily sterilized with the simple use of Denatured Alcohol. Just like the swabs doctors rubbed on your arm as a child for shots, our shades can be cleaned just as quickly.
  • Halcyon Shades ensure patient privacy by blocking passerby’s view inside, while still ensuring an outside view for those inside.
  • With an 83% heat reduction and 99% UV block, Halcyon Shades provides buildings with energy efficiency. Hospital administrators can dramatically cut energy use caused by constant use of heating and cooling systems.
  • Hospitals concern with energy efficiency also ties to their need for sustainability in both their facility and their practices. Halcyon Shades fills both of these needs.
  • The United States prides itself in its healthcare system. Halcyon Shades compliments this patriotism as we are American made.

We understand the pertinence of solving healthcare facility problems. The use of Halcyon Shades in hospitals resolves issues from all facets of hospital CEO’s concerns as well as providing patients and staff with comfort and security.

Shade Benefits in Restaurants

‘Subway’, like many restaurants, experiences undesirable results from heavy sun exposure caused by floor to ceiling windows.  The employees behind the counter are faced with the rays of the day’s sunlight pouring in; causing several problems.

First, employees must deal with inability to see both their customer and their cash register clearly. Second, employees already must cope with stuffy temperatures from their ovens. The added heat from the wall of windows in the front can prove unbearable for many employees. Also suffering from discomfort, are the customers who try to sit in vicinity of the windows. With hot tables, chairs, and air as a result of the sun’s beating rays, customer’s may choose not to visit a Subway for afternoon lunch; choosing instead a cool shaded restaurant where they can comfortably enjoy their meal. Halcyon Shades have eliminated these problems increasing the profitability of the restaurants by ensuring the customers visit and stay longer.

Subway restaurants present a telling case study of the true improvement that can be made when using our retrofit product in your business building or home.

  • 83% Heat Reduction
  • 97% Glare Rejection
  • Increased revenue with increased comfort of building
  • Happier employees= Happier customers= Happier profit margin

We understand the importance of windows to a restaurant or business. Transparency provides trust and comfort to enter an establishment. Our custom designed dual-shade, approved by Subway, provides restaurants with this transparency while also helping alleviate heat, glare, and lost revenue in both energy savings and customer frequency.